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Ernie Anderson

WeBlackWeGolf - Instructor


Ernie Anderson is a lifelong golfer.  At 10 years of age his entry into the sport was as a caddy.

It wasn't until 1964, at 22 years old when he moved to Milwaukee that he would get his first set of golf clubs.  His life would never be the same!

Ernie became a good golfer.  He played in leagues and would find himself winning different events.  

In 1984, Ernie started working at a driving range in Milwaukee.  The access to the range helped his game go from good to great.  He began instructing others on their game, over time he was asked to get his golfing certification, so he could instruct formally.  The golf professional at the range was looking to make some changes, and Ernie was an easy selection to become the golf professional at the range. In 1998 Ernie completed his PGA certification in Florida.  

Ernie has trained hundreds if not thousands of golfers over the years.  He trains newcomers to the game and he works with experienced golfers to help improve their game.  Ernie is dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  His discipline started during his time in the U.S. Army, and he has maintained a daily workout regimen to this day.  Even in his 70's Ernie still walks 18 holes of golf, and when he is not walking on the golf course, you may see him walking through the community. From caddy to professional, Ernie Anderson exudes his love for golf and is always excited to share that love with everyone he teaches!

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