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About: Headliner

We Black We Golf (WBWG) is a social organization that uses the game of golf to improve personal and professional development through networking and philanthropy. WBWG provides training to those interested in learning the game of golf the right way. WBWG promotes healthy living by encouraging our members and supporters to remain active, to visit your primary physician regularly, and most importantly to play Golf!


WBWG is open to all races, genders, and protected classes of people. We are committed to ensuring that all people have an opportunity to be exposed to this wonderful game. The name We Black We Golf originally was a response by one of our founders who was out playing golf. He was looked at suspiciously by some other golfers, and his response was "Yes, We Black, and We Golf!" Hence the name We Black We Golf! Follow us on our FB group WeBlackWeGolf, or on our website
We will be posting various events and updates in the coming weeks and look forward to your support. Don't let this season pass you by without hitting the links. Golf is an amazing sport that can be played over a lifetime, and a great way to network and market your business and yourself. 

For questions you can email us at

WeBlackWeGolf is a network of black golfing enthusiasts

Meet: WeBlackWeGolf's  - Managing/Board Members

Richard "Rich" Badger

Public Relations / Golf Mentor

Rich has been playing the game for 20+ years. His uncle introduced him to the game years ago and he has not stopped since! Rich is currently the head golf coach for the Women’s team at Alverno College. Rich is also an Army veteran that served our country as a medic during the war in Iraq. Rich has a plethora of experience in governmental relations at the local, state, and federal levels. Rich brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with a deep passion for the game of golf to the Board.


Calvin "Cal" Lee

Membership / Golf Mentor

Cal started playing golf in the mid 90’s after watching Tiger Woods’ rise to dominance. As he started learning and playing the game more frequently, he noticed that business deals were completed, and politics were discussed on the course. As a Sr. Governmental Relations Manager, he leveraged those types of conversations into growing a large network of politicians and businesspeople. Cal is devoted to ensuring that everyone has access to this great game of golf.


Martin Marshall

Outings / Golf Mentor

Martin is the go-to member to show you how to play by example. His play on the courses shows us how it's done. He's also the man behind the vision, the outings and events we plan.


P. Thomas Thadison III "Thad"

Tech / Web / Graphics

Thad started playing golf over 30 years ago when his brother-in-law introduced him to the game. After taking some time away, he linked up with Rich, Cal, and Tony at the range and started playing again. Thad is the brains behind the digital infrastructure of WBWG. Spending 25 years with the Milwaukee Police Department, Thad modernized the department developing website design, digital storage solutions, and initiated the idea of community utilizing the internet to interact with their local precinct.



Tony Reese

Promotions / Marketing

Tony was introduced to the game of golf by a dear friend two years ago. He was taken to the driving range and posted a video of himself hitting golf balls on social media. Rich saw the video and decided to bring Tony into the game. Tony absolutely fell in love with learning, studying, and improving. Tony has a deep passion for connecting people, and with 20 years of experience in the sales industry, Tony brings an excitement for making the game equitable for every person that wants to play the game.


Dina Abercrombie

Organizational Development

Dina started playing golf in 2008 when she decided to participate in a Women’s golf clinic (with some colleagues) hosted by a partner with a former employer. “I hit my first golf ball and that’s when the passion began”, she says. She currently holds a 20 hcp and is dedicated to growing the game of golf in underserved communities, specifically with women and children of color. Dina is a career Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion executive. She currently holds the role of Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Education at Northwestern Mutual. 

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