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This course can no longer be booked.

Copy of 2022 WeBlackWeGolf Lessons - 8 Weeks

Beginner to Intermediate clinic designed to improve your Golf game.

  • Ended
  • 450 US dollars
  • Gastrau's Golf @ 1300 E. Rawson Ave Oak Creek, WI 53154

Service Description

Classes will be on Tuesdays from 5pm to 7pm at Gastraus Golf Center starting May 18th. Reserve your spot for only a $175 down payable before May 18th, 2021 with two more easy payments of : $137.50 (due by June 1st) $137.50 (due by June 19th) Fee includes a embroided WeBlackWeGolf Polo * (fees are non refundable) Week 1 - History, some rules, and an introduction to golf terms. Practice the full golf swing without a club in hand. Focus on stance and posture. Week 2 - The focus is on course etiquette. The proper grip and how to setup are introduced. After practicing and checking proper grip and setup routines, weight distribution is discussed. Week 3 - Review the mechanics of a full swing. The class practices with a club in hand, and learn about pitching a ball up to the green. Week 4 - Is focused on putting. There are several practice drills included here. They are meant to work on arm swing and on the eyes lining up to track the putt. Each golfer establishes a routine for each putt. Week 5 - Review all the skills learned so far, including the history, rules, terms, and course etiquette, and of course how to hit a golf ball. The class will demonstrate what the physical skills and be evaluated on their technique. They will also be quizzed on golf etiquette. Week 6 - Effective practice routines, it's important to have good practice routines, like going to the gym to workout. There should be a routine for each workout. There should be different routines for different days, but there is still a routine. There are essentially two drills: one for routine practice; and the other to practice a round of golf from one position. Week 7- Focusing on mental skills, specifically about controlling the tension in your body when golfing. There is a certain amount of tension that is good when swinging a golf club, but not too much and not too little. Week 8 - Course management, shot selection. Every golf hole is different. Some seem easy, while others are full of twists, turns, hills, and hazards. Learn to navigate or manage the hole is a skill. Conclusion - Setting goals/strategy, which help the class set goals and have a strategy for game play. Learn to set realistic goals for themselves based on their self-identified strengths and weaknesses. After finishing their round of golf, they write out these goal statements and complete a short evaluation.

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